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It is the year 1986 and as usual the world is under threat of an alien assault. Obviously the only logical action to take against the alien marauders is to send America's best pilot, Sterling, equipped with a prototype fit-for-space-travel fighter jet to combat them.

Danger Zone is a topdown vertical scrolling shooter that attempts to stray away from typical bullet storm games by placing more of an emphasis on evasion with a dedicated dodge feature and limited fire-rate.

The game was made to emulate that of classic arcade box games and is a tribute to the film "Top-Gun".

Key Features

- Oldschool arcade aesthetic

- Reminiscent arcade style gameplay

- Progressive difficulty increase over time

- Competitive local 2 Player mode

- Shootable powerups (mostly for competitive 2 player)

- A sweet, sweet soundtrack (Which I claim no ownership of)

General Information

Platform: PC (Windows XP,7 and 8)

Release date: 24/06/2014

Price: Free

Contact & Bio

My name is Jaws (Archvizer), I am currently studying my first year at Media Design School, doing a game art and design course.

I have wanted to make games since I was very young, and now that I have the oppertunities and resources I am actively pursuing that dream. My first game,

"Danger Zone" is a product of my childhood, playing oldschool 2d pixel games. At this stage the game is not as complete or as polished as I would like but due to time constraints and other factors I am calling it finished.

Any and all feedback is appreciated.



Danger Zone.exe 110 MB